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Norah Jones - Come Away With Me - Coffret 4LP Deluxe

A l'occasion du 20e anniversaire du premier album de Norah Jones "Come Away With Me", une édition inédite sortira le 29 avril et comportera 23 titres exclusifs (démos, session live jamais entendus auparavant). L’occasion parfaite pour redécouvrir les titres les plus emblématiques de Norah Jones, comme « Don’t Know Why » ou «"Come Away With Me".


  1. Dont Know Why
    2. Seven Years
    3. Cold Cold Heart
    4. Feelin
     The Same Way
    5. Come Away With Me
    6. Shoot The Moon
    Turn Me On
    9. I
    ve Got To See You Again
    Painter Song
    11. One Flight Down
    12. Nightingale
    13. The Long Day Is Over
    14. The Nearness Of You

The Demos / First Sessions Outtakes / First Sessions EP

  1. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
    2. Walkin
     My Baby Back Home
    3. World of Trouble
    4. The Only Time
    5. I Didn
    t Know About You
    6. Something Is Calling You tabla version
    7. Just Like A Dream Today
    8. When Sunny Gets Blue
    9. What Am I To You
    10. Hallelujah I Love Him So
    11. Daydream
    12. Don
    t Know Why
    13. Come Away With Me
    14. Something Is Calling You
    Turn Me On
    17. Peace

Tracks 1-11 previously unreleased

Tracks 12-17 Previously released as the promo-only First Sessions EP

The Allaire Sessions

  1. Ill Be Your Baby Tonight
    2. I
    ve Got To See You Again *
    3. What Would I Do
    4. Come Away With Me*
    5. Picture In A Frame**
    6. Nightingale*
    7. Peace*
    8. What Am I To You*
    Painter Song*
    10. Turn Me On*
    11. A Little At A Time
    12. One Flight Down*

*   alternate version

** alternate mix